The Best Fishing Charter In Pensacola

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week full of helpful information. This week we have Fishing Charter In Pensacola own Captain Zack Strickland of Strickly Fishing Charters. We sat down with Captain Zack and discussed some of the things that are happening in his area right now! We asked about how the fishing has been and Zack responded with “The fishing is really starting to heat up here in Pensacola. We are seeing a lot of redfish, sheepshead, black drum, and the big sharks are starting to move in.” When we asked him what makes the spring so good in Pensacola , Captain Zack told us how this time of year the migrating fish that swim up the coast of Florida finally make their way up to the Panhandle. These fish include pompano, cobia, king mackerel, and spanish mackerel. Sight fishing cobia off Pensacola Beach is about as fun as it gets. “We use boats with large towers and troll up and down the coast” Zack said ” waiting for the chance to spot a cobia and then present a bait”. This can be tedious at time but defintely can pay off.

Another fun fish to catch this time of year is the sheepshead. In the Spring time we catch these fish during their spawning cycle. Once they finishing spawning they then begin to feed again and we see their fish in large numbers. They also catch a lot of redfish and black drum fishing for sheepshead. All three of these inshore fish are a fun fight and believe me they are great on the table as well.

Spanish Mackerel are another fish to catch in the Spring in Pensacola. We cactch these fish cruising down the beach in massive schools. They use bucktail jigs and any kind of shiny plug will do the trick. When fishing for these be prepared for numerous hook ups instantly. Also make sure you use heavy monofilament or wire leader as these fish have sharp teeth.

Last thing I talked to Captain Zack about was what to expect for the next few weeks and he replied with “It is just going to get better and better”. The way the panhandle is located in the northwest corner of Florida the fishing only gets better through April and May. Be prepared for all the fish stated above and you are sure to have great success.

If you are visiting the area please be sure to check out Captain Zack Strickland with Strickly Fishing Charters–

My Fishing Expeirence In Navarre Beach

I wanted to share a fishing experience I had in Navarre Beach on a vacation I had with my family last year..This place is magnificent! The white sandy beaches, the great atmosphere and the pure awesome fishing! We started the day off by meeting Captain Kenny at 630 in the morning. He was very polite and was eager to get us out on the fish. From there the trip was one I would never forget!

We choose to do a deep sea Navarre Beach fishing charters for 6 hours and we were really glad we chose this type of trip. We started off fishing for king mackerel and let me tell you these fish fight! We caught three of these fish on live bait on light tackle and it was a blast. One must have jumped 10 foot out of the water! We then moved on to some bottom fishing. We pulled up to the spot and after a quick glimpse on the fish finder Kenny knew this wold be a good spot. We deployed a GPS anchoring trolling motor and he started baiting our hooks. We were using live cigar minnows and cut bait. After what seemed like just a second the bite was on! We caught a couple really nice red snapper in the ten to twelve pound range and the rest of our limit fairly quick. We then moved on to catching some vermilion snapper. Although these fish are smaller, the light tackle and the fight these fish had were a blast! We caught quite a few of these guys and before you knew it our trip was over…. We headed back in where the Captain cleaned our catch and bagged them up for us. It was a great time and was really the staple of our vacation in Navarre Beach. We then went back to Peg Leg Pete’s where they cooked our catch from our day of fishing. I can’t recommend Fishing Charters Navarre enough! It really was a geat trip and can’t wait to come back! I hope you enjoyed this reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Trout Fishing 101

The trout fishing in North America is some of the best you will ever find. From coast to coast it doesn’t get much better! Whether its fishing for lake trout, speckled trout, brown trout, or rainbows there are a ton of different techniques that we use to catch them. My favorite trout to catch is the salt water speckled trout. These fish are fished mostly like bass. We fish around march, docks, and creek mouths to catch them. The best lure presentation is a popping cork with a jig head underneath with either a burkley gulf shrimp or a live shrimp works as well. We also fish for speckled trout with top water lures. Most of these fish explode the top when they strike a lure! It is an aweosme site to see. Or catching redfish while speckled trout fishing is another great catch! We Catch a lot of redfish fishing these same areas but that we will save for another day. Lake trout grow very large and fight really well. We catch them trolling most the time or a lot of time we catch them ice fishing. These fish can grow upwards of one-hundred pounds with the world record being 102 pounds! What an incredible catch! Lastly there is the brown and rainbow trout. These fish live mainly in small creeks and are a blast on light tackle. We mainly catch them on worms and small rooster tail spinners. These fish are great table fare and really a great way to spend some family time! Thanks for reading and hope this will help with your catching!

Choosing the Right Fishing Charter in Pensacola Beach

The world of fishing charters can be full of glam, jams, and slams! It is important to know how to find a guide that is right for you. Every fishing charter in Pensacola has a different outlook with what they consider to be a successful outing. The fishing charters in Pensacola Florida mainly consist of two different types; inshore and deep sea fishing. The Pensacola Inshore fishing charters consist of fishing the local bays and inland waterways in search of some light tackle fun action catching red drum, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead and many other different species of fish. The deep sea fishing charters in Pensacola consist of traveling in the Gulf Of Mexico in search of red snapper, grouper, triggerfish, king mackerel, and who knows what else! Both of these trips have pros and cons.
The Pros of the inshore fishing are calm water, steady action, light tackle chances, and sight fishing capabilities. The inshore fishing does help with people who are prone to sea sickness. The inland waters are calmer and therefore create less rocking of the boat. The steady action of inshore is a load of fun on light tackle. Using light tackle is a lot of fun and a lot less exhausting than using the larger reels needed for deep sea fishing. The sight fishing is very fun on the grass flats where we target a lot of awesome fish visually. it is an absolute amazing experience!
The cons of inshore fishing charters in Pensacola is that they are usually shorter in length. The inshore charters generally last 4 hours while deep sea fishing charters last 6-8 hours.
The pros of the deep sea fishing charters is the size of the fish. The majority of the fish that are caught on deep sea fishing charters in Pensacola are larger than what we see inshore. Another great thing is the opportunity of the unexpected. It is not uncommon to see a sailfish, tuna or possibly a cobia while on a deep sea fishing charter. Although it is not mentioned above it is something that does happen from time to time in Pensacola!
The cons of the deep sea fishing charters in Pensacola are not that bad. it does take considerably more time to get to the fishing area. This is why normally a deep sea fishing charter will last 6-8 hours minimum.
Now that you know the pros and cons of each type of fishing charter, the choice is yours! We thank you for tuning in and appreciate all the informatiobn given to us by our professionals. If you are ever wanting a Pensacola Beach Fishing Charter look up Strickly Fishing Charters